Maximum Mortgage Story


(15/30 mins)

Your current situation is provided during the first meeting or phone call and this will help determine your end goal.

Maximum Mortgage Document Collection

Document Collection

(Client DependEnt)

We will request documents for your approval. The faster these documents are submitted to us, the faster we can get an approval.

Maximum Mortgage Application Submitted

Mortgage Application Generated & Submitted

(1 Business Day)

This is where the Maximum Mortgage Solutions Team work their magic! We structure your deal in preparation to submit to lenders for approval.

Maximum Mortgage Underwrite

Lender Review

(2 to 7 Business Days)

The mortgage application has been sent to the lender for approval and the lender then reviews the file and validates the deal with the documentations provided.

Maximum Mortgage Approval Package

Approval Package

(1 hour)

Once we have received your approval package from the lender, we will call you to arrange an appointment for your review.

If the lender has additional requirements we will request more documents from you at this time.

Maximum Mortgage Funding


(Closing Day)

Once all lender requirements have been met – the lender will instruct your mortgage to your solicitor of choice.

Your lawyer or notary will then contact you to arrange an appointment to sign your legal documents.

 The funds will be provided on the Closing Date of the mortgage.